Hand Bead Embroidery, Weaving Together the Fabric of India

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India is a melting pot of cultures, customs and religions that come together to produce one of the most vibrant art scenes in the world.  From ancient crafts and classical folk dance to modern Bollywood, they have earned the reputation as a creative powerhouse.

One of the country’s greatest treasures is traditional embroidery. Practiced over the centuries, their regionally unique styles and designs were influenced by waves of foreign migration.  This sacred and collectable art form adorns everything from apparel and jewelry to interior design. 

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It is from this rich heritage that our Trunkin’ artisan draw their skill and inspiration to produce our heirloom quality table top finery.

A mere 50 miles, but a world away from India’s capital city, you will find our artisans practicing their craft in rural villages along the Ganga River. They masterfully hand craft our Table Runners, Placemats and Napkin Rings using glass, metal and wooden beads along with an array of surprising accoutrements such as bells, shells and rhinestones. The time-honored practice of bead embroidery begins with stretching the fabric canvas on a wooden frame.  Artisans then painstakingly weave intricate designs using long craft needles threaded with glass beads to compose both classic and contemporary patterns. Finally, they are carefully finished with cushioned fabric to protect your tabletop finish. Our goods are ample in size and hefty in weight compared to factory made goods. 

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Honestly, once you touch and see an item from our collection, you will have to agree there’s just nothing on the market that compares in terms of quality or price.  We cannot wait for you to experience the awe of delight when unboxing your Trunkin purchases!

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